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We engineer your product using a reliable, quality-driven process that has been finely tuned through 45+ projects, providing predictability and reliability.
Needs analysis
Needs analysis
Product workshops
Product workshops
Development & design
Development & design
Needs analysis

In the early discovery stage, you bring your idea to us and present a business vision for your product. We aim to comprehensively analyze your needs, business goals, and project scope. Since 2015, we’ve analyzed hundreds of different projects. We know how important it is to understand your product idea and collect as much information as possible about the project. It’s the only way we can start our development process on the right foot. If you lack a clear vision for your product, we’ll help you translate your idea into technological requirements. We will:

  • Do a deep dive into your needs and goals,
  • Use our individualized approach and dedicated solutions,
  • Provide development plan and next steps proposal.

Regardless of whether you’re a startup owner or working in a large organization, we can offer you personalized solutions customized to your needs.

  • proof of concept
  • needs analysis
  • cloud migration
  • UX/UI design
  • code audit
  • process automation
  • prototype
  • product development
  • digital transformation
  • product workshops
  • maintenance and development
  • team scaling
  • cloud management
  • building product from scratch
  • mvp
Unique product workshops

If you need to verify your idea, identify product features which should be clarified better, or analyze the complexity of your app, and finally get a more precise cost estimate, then why not participate in one of our dedicated, goal-oriented product workshops? These sessions aim to help you fully understand how your product works when individual processes run. We constantly develop our skills to give you a top-quality and valuable workshop experience. In these workshops, you’ll look at your product broadly, collect valuable information about its functionalities, and identify any gaps or problems using professional methods like Event Storming, a Design Sprint, or a Value Proposition Canvas. In a nutshell, you’ll benefit from:

  • In-depth product analysis,
  • Proven techniques - Event Storming, Design Sprint, Value Proposition Canvas,
  • A detailed app process visualization, a user journey map, prototype, and risk register.
Development & Design

After analyzing all the information we collect, we can start the application development process. Usually, we work in two-week sprints, and you’ll receive regular updates on our work progress and the functionalities we deliver. Within the sprints, we create views of the application, implement functionalities, and perform regular tests to eliminate bugs as quickly as possible. We focus on full transparency – among other things, you get full access to both JIRA and the code from the first day of our cooperation and dedicated reports every week. We’ll invite you to daily meetings, regular retrospectives, and planning meetings. Furthermore, we constantly stay in touch so that you can get full insight into the entire process. You can share your comments, and we will explain any doubts if necessary. Thanks to this, the project is implemented based on your needs and ends with success. In summary, you get:

  • An iterative, proven process in the spirit of Agile,
  • Comprehensive project implementation from A to Z,
  • A partnership approach based on our values,
  • A professional choice of solutions,
  • Constant contact and direct communication.
Our agile product development process
Below you can see what a single sprint (or single iteration) looks like.

The Product Owner communicates to the team which tasks should be completed and set the priorities. After careful analysis, the team decides what is possible to deliver and in what form. We also choose the primary goal of the sprint, which is tangible and implementable.

We execute tasks according to the assumptions made during planning. We deliver successive product functionalities, strictly adhering to the priorities. We also prepare tasks for the next sprint - we define them by, for example, clarifying a less well-defined module in the application.

At the end of each sprint, we present the effect of our work and the status to gather feedback from our client. We also want to ensure that the project is implemented as intended. If there are any problems, we discuss them and deliver appropriate solutions.

We identify problems and look for bottlenecks in the process, taking into account feedback from the client. We look for improvements in the context of the process, people, and tools. This stage aims to improve the workflow and eliminate possible mistakes in the future.


At this stage, we develop all the processes to ensure a stable and effective web or mobile application production deployment. We take care of the comprehensive preparation, securing of the production environment, and plugging in the production domain. Moreover, we configure servers and prepare a scalable application environment, mainly on the AWS platform. We implement CI/CD solutions and proceed to the application stabilization and monitoring stage.

In this stage, we focus on monitoring the application using proven tools such as Zabbix or Grafana, allowing us to react quickly in case of failure. Under our wings, there are many production-operating applications to which we provide post-implementation care. We know the ins and outs of the application stabilization period. For the first 6-8 weeks, we run intensive monitoring - checking application performance and feedback from users, implementing necessary changes on an ongoing basis. We keep our hand on the pulse, and you do not have to worry about anything - we constantly take care of the proper functioning of servers and production environments. 

  • Ongoing monitoring of the application with professional tools,
  • Increased monitoring during the application stabilization period,
  • Quick response in case of errors or failures,
  • Fast SLA.

Software development doesn’t end when a product is released, so we also handle further development and provide full support. We gather key information about the product, observe how users are using your product, listen to their feedback and add new functionalities to help you constantly make the application more attractive. We will:

  • Add new functionalities based on user feedback,
  • Make necessary updates,
  • Provide advice and track market trends.

Values that shape our culture

Choose a partner who has established well-thought-out rules of cooperation. We have developed values ​​that allow us to create long-term partnerships with clients based on mutual trust, direct communication and sincere feedback.
We ground on good relationships
We work to earn our customers’ trust. Since 2015, we’ve focused on sincere communication and close cooperation with our clients to build long-term partnerships.
We share one goal
We believe the success of any project is a joint responsibility. We treat our clients on an equal footing and openly set the boundaries of our cooperation.
We focus on sincere communication
We don’t avoid difficult topics. We quickly signal them and strive to find effective solutions for each difficulty.
We select solutions flexibly
In every project, as in life, we face different situations. That’s why we respect the needs of our clients and choose the right tools.
We keep our finger on the pulse
As a business and technology partner, we work hard to offer comprehensive support. Each task is completed from A to Z.
We care about self-development and mutual commitment
We strive to be a substantive partner for our clients and constantly strive to expand our knowledge to offer the highest quality of service.

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