Product workshops

Product workshops – visualize your product idea and achieve market success

Participate in dedicated product workshops and clarify your product vision. You'll get a clickable prototype, cost estimation, and more materials to start the development process and save hundreds of development hours.
Experienced specialists
Our team participates in regular training to upgrade their knowledge and skills on how to run successful workshops. You’ll work with fully experienced and goal-oriented specialists who will guide you through the process and help you gain valuable conclusions.
Multiple pre-development benefits
Book a workshop with us and get ready for the app development process. You’ll analyze your product from different perspectives, finalize your vision, get a package of materials with the best workshop takeaways including cost estimation, and much more.
Eight years of experience
From the very beginning, product workshops have been part of our strategy. We aim to help our clients succeed in the market. We recently expanded our workshops and incorporated new techniques to better respond to your needs.
50 +
Experts onboard
45 +
Finished projects
8 +
Years of experience
3 x
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Gain deep knowledge of your project’s complexity, identify and address bottlenecks, choose a technology, and clarify app flow.

Our Product Workshop combines the most effective techniques – like Event Storming, Value Proposition Canvas, and Design Sprint. Combining these makes the workshop unique and eye-opening for our clients.

Blurify specializes in conducting workshops for clients from various industries and countries. We participate in training with experienced specialists so we can run workshops of the highest quality. Our workshops can last from 1 to 5 days, and they’re always tailored to your business needs. You’ll work with an experienced facilitator, a technical person, and a business expert.

Online workshop is a great solution if you want to save time and travel costs.

We have wide experience in running remote workshops. Today’s modern technology makes it easy to conduct online workshops for our clients from around the world. During these sessions, we use proven tools like Miro, which is perfect for remote collaboration.

From our side, we make sure the workshop goes smoothly, use the best tools to provide you with the desired results, and engage 100% in each project.

Our work

Delivered projects that prove our quality


Product workshops for top Polish educational publishers

Our client needed to analyze the target audience deeply and map the application’s key processes.

Why should you join our product workshops?

Fully understand your product
During the product workshops, you’ll learn exactly how your application works by analyzing specific events taking place in the system. You’ll also identify missing spots, identify the user flow, explore the complexity of your app, and draw business conclusions.
Analyze your idea
Look at your product from different perspectives to verify your original idea and see what you might have missed in the earlier stages of project planning. You’ll also identify key functionalities that will help your product generate income in the future.
Speed up project start
Collecting the most important information about your product will help you see the entire product and prepare a professional IT specification. When your development team fully understands your needs, they can work faster and more confidently.
Save development time
Presenting clear and well-thought-out requirements will help software development companies understand your business needs and prevent changes in the later stages. You’ll increase your chances of project success by giving the team all the necessary details.
Get a cost estimate
Based on the knowledge you gather during the workshop, you’ll get from us a much more accurate estimate for your project. The team will be able to assess the project’s complexity and the time needed to deliver it.
Get key materials
You’ll leave the workshop fully equipped with all the documents you need to start a project. You’ll get a package of materials including a process flow on the Miro board, a user journey map, a clickable prototype, a cost visualization, and a dedicated technology proposition.
You need the workshop when:
  • you have a product idea, but don’t know how to transform it into IT requirements
  • you have incomplete technical specifications or need to create documentation
  • you want to speed up the development process
  • you want to learn how the application works, step by step
  • you want to save time and mitigate project risk
  • you want a project cost estimate and your project delivered on time
  • your system has complex processes that need to be organized
They trusted us

We use proven workshop techniques


Value Proposition Canvas






You’ll get a package of useful workshop materials


App process visualization

You’ll get a full package of materials from the Event Storming phase, including an easy-read board that visualizes the way your application works.


App prototype

See your app for real! You’ll get a clickable prototype created by our top designer. The prototype will help you visualize your product and its functionalities.


User Journey Diagram

The workshops are a great way to understand how users will interact with your app. We’ll visually illustrate the user flow so you can analyze each and every user interaction.


Cost estimates & technology

During the workshop, we’ll access your project’s complexity and give you a detailed cost estimate. You’ll also get a technology proposition that suits your solutions and needs.


Risk Register

We’ll present all the risks that we identified during product workshops. Each entry (single risk) will consist of a title, a short description, a risk-handling proposal, and an assessment of the risk’s significance.


Additional Materials

We can also prepare customized materials for you based on your needs, such as Lean Startup Canvas, mapped goals and priorities, or a buyer persona analysis.


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