Comprehensive product workshops for WSiP
Case Study

Comprehensive product workshops for WSiP

WSiP (pl -Wydawnictwo Szkolne i Pedagogiczne) is an iconic Polish educational publishing house founded in 1945 in Warsaw. As an experienced publisher, WSiP has printed millions of textbooks for general and vocational schools and is one of Poland’s most recognizable educational publishers. As part of our cooperation, we conducted a comprehensive product workshop for the client, and then, based on the conclusions gathered, we began creating a dedicated system.

Discovery phase
Event Storming
Sketching views
Discovery phase
Event Storming
Sketching views
Map key processes in the application and build new solution tailored to user’s needs

The client wanted to create a new system based on an existing tool that was not efficient enough and, with increased traffic at the end of grading periods, was not fulfilling its function. With the working name of Hubspot overlay, the system is used to capture, store and process survey data from teachers collected by education consultants and telecenter staff.

Improvements and development of the new system’s functionality were intended to make users’ work much easier. The goal was to adapt the new version of the application to mobile devices, such as laptops and tablets, making the survey process more pleasant and efficient, and accessing information much more accessible. Also key was the ability to add data to the system on an ongoing basis.

To develop efficient software that fully meets users’ needs, the client must comprehensively analyze the target audience, map the application’s critical processes, and verify the collected material.

Our solution

How we helped WSiP unlock the potential?

We offered the client to participate in a product workshop that addressed current challenges and problems. The client wanted the opportunity to consult the idea with specialists and take a fresh look at and analyze the collected materials.

At the workshop, we focused on thoroughly understanding his needs, analyzing the application’s performance and gathering information to begin the system development process quickly. During the session, we discussed all aspects of developing and tailoring an application to the target audience using professional techniques.

The workshop allowed employees from different departments to exchange insights and look at the product from a broader perspective. We mapped all the essential processes in the application using the Event Storming method. The process mapping helped us understand which functionalities are crucial and missing and enabled us to identify necessary integrations in the system. After the sessions, we provided a set of materials, including a comprehensive pre-implementation analysis, which allowed the development to start quickly and smoothly.


Materials for the client

Product workshops organized by Blurify helped us better define the project’s final product.
The team prepared well for the meeting and brought excellent business value to our organization. In addition, we determined the scope of our expectations and mapped the key processes in the application that will be further translated into real functionalities.
Rafał Sulkowski
Director of Projects and Business Systems, WSiP
Scope of work

Key Results Delivered

Mapping of all key processes in the application
By using professional Event Storming method, we mapped main processes in the application and created a a visualization of the processes on a virtual Miro board.
Identification of the practical needs of the target group
By using the Value Proposition Canvas technique and an in-depth interview with the client, we highlighted the features of the system that would meet the needs of the users, for example, accessibility from tablets and other devices.
Comprehensive pre-implementation analysis based on documents and workshops
We created a complete document containing the necessary information for the subsequent work on the system, which included: an inventory of functionalities, a register of risks, SWOT analysis, a detailed estimate of costs, as well as a schedule of work in Jira (the expected time for the delivery of a given functionality).
User Journey Diagram
A user path for the most critical survey processes, so the client can see how the user navigates through the application.
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