Our values

The values that shape our culture

The values we share make us better as a team of software experts. We stand for building a sense of motivation, appreciation and satisfaction each day, with both clients and internally!

We ground on good relationships

We work for the trust of our customers. Our focus is on frank communication and partnership, making it easier for us to build a long-term cooperation.
  • We have established long-lasting partnerships with our clients over the past 8 years;
  • Customers rely upon us with the choice of solutions and entrust our suggestions;
  • We value honesty as a key component in building trust and actively address problems and difficulties by openly and collaboratively discussing all challenges.
What exactly do we mean by trust?

We care about self-development

Our aim is to be a valuable partner to our clients, providing them with substantive support and solutions. Therefore, we prioritize expanding our knowledge base to ensure we offer the highest quality of service.
  • We invest in the development of our team by organizing workshops and trainings with IT and business experts;
  • We listen to the needs of the team and and strive to meet their expectations related to the competence development;
  • We prioritize educating our clients based on the professional knowledge of our team.
What do we mean by development?

We select solutions flexibly

Because business is not a greenhouse. In a project, as in life, we face different situations, so we listen to the needs and choose the right tools.
  • We work in the spirit of Agile - we quickly identify and implement personalized solutions;
  • We are not afraid of challenges and we act accordingly to our solutions;
  • We care about the comfort of our team and wellbeing, so we value work-life balance and put on a flexible approach.
What makes our flexibility stand out?

We take care of mutual commitment

This allows us to effectively achieve our goals, successfully implement projects and deliver products tailored to client’s needs.
  • We use best practices and tools to increase project engagement;
  • Our Agile approach motivates us to work collaboratively, pushing ourselves to achieve our goals;
  • We are open to new ideas, improvements, constantly seeking out new solutions to better serve our clients.
Why do we value commitment?

We share one goal

We believe in mutual responsibility for the success of each project. We treat each other equally, putting an emphasis on open communication.
  • Our core values such as "honesty, support and trust" serve as the foundation for building a true partnership;
  • We establish "rules of the game" that lead us to achieve a common goal;
  • As industry experts, we offer a complex set of services even for the most demanding customers.
How do we build partnerships?

We focus on sincere communication

We do not avoid difficult topics, actively seeking effective solutions for each challenge we face.
  • We practice direct communication aimed at solving problems together;
  • We are transparent about project limitations and "avoid making unrealistic promises";
  • we understand that mistakes happen, and "prioritize open communication" to learn from them and proactively address potential issues.
Why is honesty important to us?

We keep finger on the pulse

As a business and technology partner, we are committed to offering the most comprehensive support. Each project is completed from A to Z.
  • We provide guidance from the very beginning, offering product workshops, preparing a dedicated technology proposal and project estimation;
  • We seek compromises through "open discussion" about issues as they arise;
  • We guarantee "peace in the project", by providing an experienced project manager’s oversight throughout the entire process.
How do we support our customers?
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