Euro-Tax – Dedicated Tool for Collecting Leads and Creating Marketing Campaigns

Case study — Dedicated Tool for Collecting Leads and Creating Marketing Campaigns

  • Big Data
  • Web Apps
Application is a dedicated tool which allows company to manage all advertising campaigns, edit landing pages in easy and intuitive way, create A/B/X tests, automatically choose better variant to improve conversion.
+ 3 M
visitors per month
+ 310 K
managed leads
+ 160
campaign variants


Manage marketing topics within one complex system

Client wanted to create a marketing system that will let him manage landing pages and leads within one complex system. By creating campaign A/B tests, measuring and improving the conversion rate, the company wanted to increase its revenue.


How we helped unlock the potential


The system generates advanced statistics (lead rates, filtering and grouping by source of lead, unique visits, etc.). Application allows to show different content depending on source of lead (e.g. different phone number to know where the lead comes from). The system is also integrated with company business partners and CRM which speeds up the process of information exchange and allows to call the customer much faster, when the conversion rate is better.

Efficient Components

Key Features Delivered

SOAP Integration
Integration with external CRM System with real-time synchronization.
Easy-to-use campaign editor
Advanced, custom Content Management System built with JavaScript - creating new campaigns with just a few clicks.
Automatic content adjustment
The content is automatically adjusted to the specific visitors (depending on the lead’s source where they come from, what selling channel was used).
Google Tag Manager
Advanced configuration of Google Tag Manager - tens of configured execution rules, partners’ tags - tracking pixels, conversion pixels.
Statistics module
Possibility to analyze big data - the system generates advanced statistics based on millions of visitors (lead rates, filtering, and grouping by the source of lead, a device used, conversion rates).
Google Ads offline conversions
Customers who proceeded to the next stages of the sales funnel are automatically marked in Google Ads, which helps to lower CPC bids and optimize campaigns.

Stunning Technologies

PHP / Angular / Microservices / Docker / JenkinsCI / DigitalOcean Cloud / MySQL

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