What is Event Storming?

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Are you building an IT project and noticed that it’s going in a slightly different direction than it was supposed to? The remedy here can be event storming.

Perhaps you start working on a large IT project and have some problems with determining its scope or the user flow. Or maybe it’s the next stage of the project and you don’t know where to start. What if you need to rebuild some processes to make the development more efficient? 

Let’s dive deeper into what event storming is and how you can use it to streamline your app development process. 

The definition of event storming

In short, event storming is a simple workshop method that lets you discover what exactly happens with your app when individual processes (such as registration, order, evaluation, etc.) are running. It’s possible because the method is based on domain events — elements describing your system’s work. 

An event storming session is run as a workshop, so a facilitator guides the process forward and makes sure that everyone is engaged and focused on domain modeling. This approach enables you to see all interactions with external systems, such as mailing or payment systems, SMS gateway, etc., as well as the necessary internal system communication, for instance, between modules. 

Understanding the causal event can help you learn processes in your system and notice application elements that may cause problems you didn’t think of. Note that during workshops, the system is divided into smaller parts, which can be turned into microservices.

A single workshop can bring results that used to take weeks, so you’ll end up understanding the flow of events and finding missing spots and relations between domain events. Plus, you’ll know what parts your application will consist of and be aware of specific tasks that need to be done. 

When do you need event storming?

The event storming technique is especially recommended for companies that need to face poorly defined IT projects. They are projects delivered with specifications that don’t define them sufficiently. They lack user flow, don’t define problems, and it’s hard to guess the business logic. 

As event storming supports the development process, you can assess the project’s complexity and determine what parts of the system can potentially cause problems

The good news is that the event storming method doesn’t require technical knowledge. To draw the right conclusions, it’s even desirable to organize a meeting with people representing both the technical and the business sides. 

Event storming as an answer to your business needs

Event storming is a relatively new method, but it’s also one of the most effective ways to understand your software better. The workshop formula generates valuable conversations and helps to prepare a much more reliable and accurate evaluation

Valuable insights gathered during workshops based on the team’s suggestions and expertise will let you know more about the product you are working on. Breaking down a project into smaller parts makes the process more efficient, so it will help you understand how you operate and what are the potential project blockers, pain points and areas to improve. 

You’ll get to know what could work and what won’t, so you will be able to move forward and manage your IT project effectively. 

Wondering how to run an event storming session or whether your company needs one? Don’t hesitate to drop us a message at [email protected]. We’re here to help!

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