Why Team Building Events Are Important For Us

CEO & Co-founder

As we went on a company-wide retreat last July that still brings back the memories, it’s a great occasion for emphasizing how positive workplace culture improves our teamwork. Here’s what we learn during team-building events and how it shapes effective teamwork. 

Our company turned 4 this year, so we have many reasons to celebrate together! Four years ago it all started and now we’re a team of passionate people who share a bond. We’re constantly growing and creating a company that values team building and has an appetite for more!

One of the most important assets of our company – our team members

We believe that no matter how big or small the company is, a collaborative environment creates a team with a strong purpose and objective. Investing time and money in team-building events pays off and is more valuable than money.

This is why we celebrate our company’s birthday every year, organize team-building events regularly, and take the opportunity to spend more time together. It’s something more than sharing office walls, it’s about discovering each other’s strengths.  

Overall, our team members are given travel opportunities, for instance when organizing workshops in our clients’ offices in Denmark or Germany. And we all know how traveling broadens the mind and makes us grow. Not to mention that meeting in person adds another dimension to relationships with our customers.

What I like here, at Studio Software is that the company gives me many travel opportunities. I went to our client in Copenhagen right after I started working here, so it made me implement the project much faster.

Bartek, Frontend Developer

Company retreat at the Three Lakes Resort

Speaking of traveling, the holiday season is almost at the end, so let’s get back to July 26-27.

If you only talk about work, it’s difficult to get to know each other and build connections, so we took the weekend away from the office and had an amazing time at the Three Lakes Resort in Wieleń Zaobrzański.

Choosing the lake house was a perfect idea, as it made us stay active for the entire time. We spent lots of time playing beach volleyball and enjoying evening bonfires. Some of us took advantage of the summer warmth and jumped in the lake. We had a chance to hang out as a group with no formal agenda, and we couldn’t imagine it better!

Our team-building events help us break down communication barriers and build strong internal relationships. This year’s company retreat was a great opportunity to see each other in different situations away from the office. We had awesome weather conditions, so we could spend the time actively, playing beach volleyball and having a great time during bonfire party. Can’t wait for another one!

Mateusz, Frontend Developer

We’ve even captured some awesome moments, so here are the pictures from our weekend getaway. Enjoy!

Studio Software Team

Studio Software Team playing volleyball

Team of developers - Studio Software

The begining of the integration trip - Studio Software

It goes without question that a team needs to work well together, so team-building activities  are a vital part of our company. Over the years we see a cultural shift and now people look for a job that gives them something more than a salary and benefits. What really matters is a positive work environment. 

Benefits of team-building events

Having fun together outside the office creates better communication in the team, as everyone feels free to voice their opinions and ideas. It gives people a mental break from work, creates a fun culture, and increases morale. 

It makes us more likely to feel engaged, builds trust in the team, and leads to a more open culture. Moreover, it has an impact on the quality of the work we do. We see how we have bonded, especially when we’re planning some exciting or even extreme activities. It is a chance to break down walls, step back, and think big picture.

What’s most important to us is that everyone feels like they are part of the company. This is why we’ve convinced Marek, our brand new developer who started several days after the trip, to go with us.  

It was really worth it to spend the weekend with the entire team before I started working with them. Focusing on having fun together outside of the office made me feel more confident on my first day at the office.

Marek, Backend Developer


Pssst… We’re hiring. If you want to join us and help us create an outstanding work environment, check out our Careers page!  

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