IT Outsourcing and Agile Teams

IT Outsourcing & Agile Teams – experienced people ready to upscale your team

Our extensive experience in IT outsourcing helps expand your team's capabilities. With a track record of delivering over 45 projects, our experts provide tailored solutions that precisely meet your business needs.
Wide expertise
Our team comprises experienced specialists who develop products from the ground up for clients from the US, UK, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, and other places worldwide.
Compliant services
We develop compliant products for healthcare, FinTech, gambling, legal, and HR industries. Our team gathered essential knowledge about creating HIPAA and GDPR-compliant software.
Dedicated Agile Teams
Meet our experts. Our agile development teams are skilled in delivering scalable, professional, and secure products and solving complex business challenges.
Choose a team available on demand with certified developers and project managers ready to solve complex technical and business problems.

It’s impossible to succeed in software development without skilled people. Our work is shaped through years of practice, and we have created a proven, predictable process to help you achieve your business goals.

We use Agile methodologies to deliver flexible, fast, and practical solutions. Our approach is fully transparent; we build trust and offer support at all stages.

Our products

Leading experts from compliance required industries

A dedicated team is an outsourcing model that involves hiring a whole IT team that works exclusively on your project. Contact us if you lack technical knowledge or experience and do not plan to invest in developing your team. In a short time, we can delegate a team of developers, testers, or designers with different levels of seniority (senior, regular).

  • Flexible team, iterative software development process based on Agile methodology
  • High-quality, scalable, secure, and professional digital products
  • Building new and expanding existing Agile teams

With staff extension/team extension, you can outsource some of your IT tasks to skilled professionals working alongside your existing team. This way, you can quickly scale up your team without the hassle of hiring and training new employees in-house. This option is suitable for you if you need more people to work on your solution in a short time.

  • Adapting the quantity and skills of hired experts to match the project’s evolving needs with flexibility.
  • Increased level of project control
  • Reducing costs associated with recruitment, training, and maintenance of permanent employees

If you are unhappy with the work of your current team, whether internal or external, you can let us take over the project. We have extensive experience in project takeover, and we can guarantee a smooth transition. Having a well-designed process enables us to quickly and efficiently assume responsibility for the project and continue its development.

  • Thoughtful project takeover process
  • Proven methods and technologies
  • Partner approach and effective communication
  • Experienced and qualified experts (developers and Project Managers)
Our work

Delivered projects that prove our quality

Wood Industry

TMBR – Application for Timber Turnover Management in the US

We have developed two applications that communicate directly with each other.

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