TMBR – a Pioneering Application for Timber Turnover Management in the US

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TMBR – A Pioneering Application for Comprehensive Timber Turnover Management in the US

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In cooperation with the client, we have developed two applications that communicate directly with each other. TMBR is a web application that will be converted into a mobile application in the future. The app is aimed at landowners in the US and companies involved in overall land management. It allows the addition of specific land and different types of timber and calculates the value of these assets. The app also shows the stock market value of the added goods.
Additionally, we have developed – a dedicated web application for US-based sawmills, which allows users to download specific to the area timber sale offers. Users can access the system by purchasing a subscription for the assigned areas in the US and a given number of users.


Translate business requirements into technology and refine the vision into an application

The client wanted to work with a partner who would help organize and refine the product vision, both functionally and visually. Our task was to analyze the client’s business requirements and application ideas to convert them into the final product. The client’s ultimate goal was to develop a user-friendly system that would enable the addition of crucial goods like land or different kinds of timber, for example, along with the second timber sales application that communicates with TMBR.
Our work also included the development of a second timber sales application that communicates with TMBR. The challenge was to ensure constant communication between the two applications so that sawmill employees could access up-to-date timber sale offers from the regions they are interested in.
Furthermore, the client was looking for a long-term partner for cooperation. There are plans to expand the application by extending additional functionalities, such as the ability to sell land and short-term and long-term rentals. In the future, the client plans to create a dedicated application for managing different commodities such as cotton or corn.

Our solution

How did we help the client achieve their business goals?


To help the client organize the product vision, we offered to participate in a comprehensive product workshop. As a result, we mapped the critical processes in the application and established the scope of work and user flow in the application, which enabled us to start the product development process quickly. Consultancy and proactive suggestions of solutions played a crucial role in our cooperation – the client presented us with many ideas and expected recommendations that were worthwhile following through on.

Then, based on the client’s business requirements, we created two scalable applications that are directly connected. The TMBR application allows users to add specific goods to a list and calculate the price per acre for a piece of land (the user draws the plot on a map, from which the plot size is calculated), the value of a plot of land (the user draws his plot on a map and based on this, the plot size is calculated, and then the price per acre). The app also includes a stock market quotation bar so that users can check the stock market values of added goods in real time. The second application, called is aimed at sawmills looking to buy timber. In the future, there are plans to expand the system to include a marketplace model, allowing users to sell, buy and lease land and commodities.
Building two applications - TMBR and Timbermarketplace - directly connected to each other
Work on the visual layer of the product - UX/UI design proposals
Conducting product workshops
Admin panel to manage Timbermarketplace
Integration with payment providers (Stripe and PayTrace) in Timbermarketplace app - plans to integrate with payment providers also on TMBR
Implementation of maps in both applications
Ongoing advice and proactive suggestions for solutions


Key Features Delivered


Tracking the value of a given good (asset)
In the application, charts show the change in the price of a given good over a selected time.
Putting up for sale wood
The user can intuitively add his goods (e.g., different types of wood).
Timber management
Thanks to the ability to constantly check the price of timber, the user can make decisions on subsequent investments on this basis.
Possibility to sell timber
User can put an offer on Timber marketplace.

Timber Marketplace

Ability to access timber sale offers
Selection of offers to sell wood in regions that interest users.
Streamlining the organization of sawmill work.
Assigning timber offers to individual sawmill employees.
Displaying timber offerings on a map
With the ability to check timber listings in different regions, users can tailor their choice to a specific location.
Dedicated Admin panel to manage Timber Marketplace (along with Login as an option)
Users of Timber Marketplace also can contact the admin in case of any problems.


PHP 8.2 based on Symfony 5.4/ MySQL / Doctrine / MySQL Docker/ Cloud: AWS /React.JS

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