Blurify in 2023: A Year of Transformation and Triumphs

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Reflecting on 2023, we must admit it’s been a landmark year filled with significant changes and successes for Blurify. It’s time for our annual roundup, and what a year it’s been!

The scale of transformation within Blurify has truly exceeded our expectations, marked by intense work and strategic decisions that have led us to a pivotal growth phase, opening up numerous possibilities.

In this blog post, you’ll learn about the reasons behind our rebranding (remember Studio Software?), our groundbreaking trip to the USA, and various other events that have shaped our organization over the past 12 months.

Rebranding: The Evolution from Studio Software to Blurify

Eagerly accepting the need for change, we understood it was time for a rebranding. As a mature organization, we recognized that our former name, visual identity, and communication no longer reflected our brand’s current character and objectives. 

Rebranding was a natural step in our evolution, helping us maintain consistency and fuel further actions.As the years passed, our expertise has deepened in sectors such as Healthtech, iGaming, and EdTech. At the same time, our team expanded, allowing us to enter new markets. 

Now, the entirety of our actions and plans is well-represented by our new name, slogan, and visual elements. Discover the details of our rebranding process and overall visual identity in our article, where we describe each step.

Blurify TeamOur New Office: Tailored to Our New Ambitions

In March 2023, we moved to a more modern and significantly larger space at gen. Władysława Sikorskiego 26 in Wrocław. We’ve quickly settled into this new location, which now allows for efficient and comfortable working conditions.

The opening of our new office was celebrated with an official event, marking the start of another chapter in our history.

Take a look at our social media post to get a glimpse of our brand new office. 

USA Visit: Our Booth at the Iconic eMerge Americas Conference

While expanding our activities and exploring new markets, we participated in the eMerge Americas conference in the USA, where attendees could visit our official booth.

This event, held annually in Miami, brings together innovators from every corner of the tech industry, gathering hundreds of business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and government officials to focus on innovative solutions and tech trends.

Our participation was fruitful, leading to new contacts, knowledge exchange with industry experts, and reinforcement of our new development direction and future plans. This trip also paved our way into the USA, opening up entirely new perspectives.

A Strong Presence at Industry Conferences

Last year, we attended three other industry conferences: HealthTech Forward, iGaming Germany, and Bits & Pretzels HealthTech. Each provided us with a wealth of knowledge and strengthened our competencies in specific areas. 

They also offered specialized know-how, helping us better understand the needs and challenges faced by our clients. 

Below is a brief photo report with information about each event.

Blurify at conferencesWorkshops for Our Clients

The year 2023 witnessed significant progress in our product workshops. The increasing number of clients attending these creative sessions clearly shows their success.

What’s driving this interest? It’s the business value our clients receive. Our workshops help them understand application processes, know the product inside out, and prepare efficiently for development, accelerating app creation and cost-saving.

After the workshops, we provide essential materials for effective and smooth development, including cost estimates, risk registers, prototypes, etc.

Last year, we organized workshops for companies like Kapica, WSiP, Uponor, and ARTIA Akademia Artystyczna.

Elevating Our Competence: Certifications and Internal Training

2023 was not only about project milestones but also a year abundant in training and certifications that significantly broadened our technical expertise and soft skills at the same time. This continuous pursuit of knowledge and skill enhancement is vital for us.

It’s the driving force behind our ability to keep up with rapid growth and consistently deliver services at the highest standard.

Technical Know-how

We made significant progress in cloud technology, obtaining four AWS certifications. The first, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, affirms our skills in the AWS cloud area. Additionally, we achieved the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate twice, demonstrating our expertise in designing effective AWS solutions. 

The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator certification further enhanced our competencies in managing and maintaining AWS systems. And all of this ‘inevitably’ leads us to the certification of the entire company and the title of an official AWS partner, which is likely to happen in 2024.

Our internal training, in turn, focused on three areas: automated testing with the PHP Unit, applying TypeScript on the front end, and an introduction to Docker. These workshops have enabled our developers and testers to execute their tasks more efficiently, in line with the latest industry trends.

Soft Skills

In the past year, our team actively engaged in enriching our skill set through comprehensive soft skills training. We participated in a session dedicated to mastering the art of effective client meetings. 

Collaboratively, we explored the intricacies of fostering a productive synergy during project meetings, delving into sophisticated techniques aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of our clients’ needs, thereby achieving our business goals effectively.

Additionally, it is noteworthy that both the Human Resources (HR) and Project Management (PM) departments actively participated in workshops focusing on cultivating a culture of constructive feedback within our organizational framework. 

These sessions provided invaluable insights into seamlessly integrating feedback into our daily workflows, emphasizing the importance of its constructive construction. Our collective aspiration is to establish feedback not merely as an occasional practice but as an ingrained norm within our work ethos, ensuring it is communicated judiciously and effectively.

Work Hard, Play Hard: Team Integration

This year also offered ample opportunities for team integration. With most of us working remotely, every offline company meeting is highly anticipated and well-attended.

A major event was our company-wide integration in Boszkowo, ending the summer perfectly. Over three days, we strengthened our team bond through activities like kayaking, escape rooms, sports competitions, and evening parties.

Project integrations, a grand office opening party, and a memorable office Christmas celebration were other notable events. The latter was especially memorable, featuring a musical showcase by our team’s musical talents.’ The performance began with beloved carols and culminated in a spontaneous and vibrant jam session, adding a unique and joyful touch to the festivities.

Integration of Blurify TeamRecognition in the Market: The Gazele Biznesu Award

The Gazele Biznesu 2023 award is a testament to our hard work and dedication. It’s the second time we’ve been honored with this prestigious title, confirming our leading position among small and medium enterprises in Poland. 

The Gazele Biznesu, organized annually since 2000 by “Puls Biznesu,” is the oldest and most credible ranking in Poland promoting entrepreneurship.

Notably, we made it to the top companies list and climbed 177 positions compared to last year, now ranking 251st in Poland and 25th in our region. Truly a moment for applause!

Plans for 2024?

Resting on our laurels is not an option. A successful year only motivates us to strive harder. Therefore, we’ll continue our international market expansion, focusing on networking in three selected industries. 

An important part of this plan includes participating in two key conferences in the first quarter of 2024: Bett UK and ICE 2024.

We also plan to reach our clients and partners through new channels, so expect to see webinars featuring us soon. We’re also creating more video content, hoping you’ll enjoy this new addition.

Last but not least, we’ll care for our most valuable asset – our people. At Blurify, work is not just about projects and technological development; it’s also about a unique atmosphere and deep trust in our team’s competence. 

This year will bring many initiatives to foster our collective commitment, provide motivation, and enhance self-realization.

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