Carla Clark, CSO at LifeTraq, reveals the behind-the-scenes work with Blurify

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LifeTraq is a Software as a Service that aims to allow government agencies and companies to digitize their programming in order to deliver to their end-customers. 

The system is utilized by government agencies like the South Carolina Department of Corrections and has applications in the most challenging prisons in the USA, centers for addiction, and schools.

As Blurify, we are responsible for the comprehensive development and implementation of the platform. Carla Clark, co-founder and CSO of LifeTraq, speaks about the project in the latest video and reveals the productive and effective collaboration with Blurify. 

The founders of LifeTraq, Carla Clark and Erik Kerr, focus on helping people through innovative solutions. LifeTraq, a Software as a Service platform, allows government agencies and companies to digitize their programs. 

Clark explains the broad application of the platform: “Our customers, they want to use LifeTraq for all of the management of their customers, a patient management system in healthcare or an offender management system in the corrections industry.”

Innovative Approach to Rehabilitation Through Gamification

LifeTraq’s unique approach to patient management includes elements of gamification, which significantly increases engagement and the effectiveness of rehabilitation and reintegration programs. 

The platform is designed to let users engage with a specially designed motivational pathway, collect points, participate in courses, and receive rewards. It also collects statistics that enable trainers to enhance support efficiency for those facing challenges.

Technology Behind LifeTraq

The Blurify team developed the solution using technologies such as PHP, Vue.js, MySQL, and AWS Elastic Beanstalk. LifeTraq is also integrated with external tools like JotForm, facilitating the creation of surveys and tests, and awarding points. 

Additionally, the design is tailored to function directly on tablets issued in prisons, incorporating numerous security measures to restrict external access to resources.

Compliance with HIPAA as a Top Priority

Data security and compliance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations are fundamental to LifeTraq’s operations. Clark emphasizes this key aspect, “We had to make things unhackable.” 

She adds, “Blurify has really helped us to not only reach high standards with HIPAA compliance but maybe even exceed them so that we are prepared for legislative changes that are to come in the future.

Successful Collaboration with Blurify

The swift and smooth project execution was possible due to a unique approach to software development. Clark comments on the management style, “The project management style in one word is effective.”

She appreciates the quality of communication which allowed rapid development and expansion: “Quality of communication has been very high which has allowed us to move quickly and develop really quickly”. 

Clark also speaks highly of the team, “The team that we work with are generally just good people and so much fun.They’re hyper intelligent. Our back-end developer is even a Rubik’s Cube champion, you know.”

LifeTraq: Key Takeaways

LifeTraq demonstrates how technology can help overcome life challenges, notably with its innovative gamification module that significantly enhances the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs. 

For solutions at the intersection of healthcare and corrections, a proper approach to security is essential. The team implemented numerous security measures, ensuring full compliance with HIPAA, crucial for market entry.

Thinking of developing a safe and scalable HIPAA-compliant platform?

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