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The big day has arrived! We’re thrilled to officially share the results of the changes that have taken place at Studio Software over the past few months. To kick things off, let us spill the beans: this is the last time we’ll be using the name Studio Software.

Yes, we’ve undergone a complete rebranding! Thus, we embark on a new chapter in our history, filled with fresh, ambitious plans fortified by our established market position and continuous growth. Let’s dive into the story of our rebranding journey.


Behind the Scenes of the Change

The idea of rebranding had been brewing in our minds for quite some time. As a steadily growing organization, we knew that refreshing our identity was the next step in our development, allowing us to maintain consistency and fuel our future endeavors.

Our previous branding was somewhat limiting and didn’t align with our current aspirations, goals, and plans, which include expanding into new sectors and markets.

Over the years, we’ve significantly extended our expertise in specific industries. Furthermore, thanks to our commitment to long-term relationships, we now operate as a business and technology partner to our clients. We boast a strong team that continually broadens its skill set.

All of these factors have enabled us to set clear goals and chart a definite path for development, which is reflected in our new identity. The primary objectives guiding our rebranding process were:

  • Changing the company name to something less generic and more recognizable in foreign markets
  • Maintaining consistency across our logo, name, and overall visual identity
  • Enhancing the professional character of our new image
  • Deciding on the primary brand colors
  • Ensuring consistency across all material


It’s Official: Studio Software is Turning into Blurify

The process of change, initiated several weeks ago, has led us to a point where we firmly believe that Blurify better encapsulates our brand and identity. We see it as the culmination of our experience, specialization, work ethos, and the values upheld within our team.

The new name and visual elements represent a significant step forward. In line with our new slogan, “Software Solutions for Tomorrow,” we’re boldly looking ahead and expanding our reach into new markets and sectors.

We’ve also refined the scope of our services and specializations. We create products in line with specific legal requirements and fully tailor them to such regulations. Our new name combines “blur” and “amplify” to symbolize our extensive experience in safeguarding sensitive data and implementing security strategies in application development.

The sectors in which we’re expanding our expertise include EdTech, HealthTech, and iGaming (especially in foreign projects). Despite our increased focus on international projects, we prioritize collaboration with major Polish companies.

Our choice of sectors wasn’t random; it resulted from previously completed projects. We’ve concentrated on growth in areas where we’ve acquired significant business knowledge and genuinely enjoyed the work.


As a result, we can now offer our services not just as a generic software house, but more as a business advisor and partner, well-versed in the specific regulations of each industry.

Our in-house team, consisting of marketing specialists and UI designers, developed the entire rebranding project. While creating the logo and overall identity, we paid attention to everything, even the tiniest details.


Blurify’s Visual Identity – A Fresh Look

The new name and logo are just the beginning of our revolution. To refresh our image properly and maintain brand consistency, we’ve also overhauled our visual identity, as is evident on our website, social media, and all marketing materials.

“When working on the logo, our main focus was to create a distinctive and powerful symbol. We opted for the simplicity of a geometric shape resembling the letter ‘b,’ combined with a contemporary font style. The chosen typeface has a unique character that fits perfectly with themes related to advanced technologies (IT). We also incorporated elements of blur into the logo, directly referencing the brand’s name and specialization. Finally, we added some distinguishing elements to the letters used in the symbol to further emphasize the individualism and uniqueness of the new brand. – said Bartek Klamka, UI/Graphic Designer at Blurify.


Our Company’s Beginnings – How It All Started

We began as Studio Software in 2015. The founders, Karol and Adam, opened their first office in Wroclaw. Thanks to sound business decisions, including expanding our services and setting clear future goals, we started to grow dynamically.

After eight years of operation, we no longer resemble the company from 2015. We now have more than 50 people on board, forming a cohesive and professional team of specialists.

We’ve completed over 45 projects, collaborating with many well-known brands in Poland and abroad (such as WSiP, Vemcon, Raczkowski, Wago, Goplana and Vorwerk). We have a well-thought-out and proven process for creating digital products, and we’ve built numerous applications from A to Z.

We have several awards and certificates to our name, highlighting our accumulated experience and ensuring our quality. For three consecutive years, we’ve received the prestigious Clutch award for top developers, and last year, we received the Gazele Biznesu award.

We also hold AWS certificates confirming our knowledge of scalable cloud solutions.

Moving Forward!

Rebranding has given us wings and reinforced our existing principles. Despite these comprehensive changes, our approach to projects and clients remains the same. We will continue to emphasize effective communication to meet our clients’ needs. We’re ready for the next challenges!

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