What is React.js, and Why Should You Use It for Web Development?

Front-end Developer

Are you planning to develop a functional web application and wondering what technology you should use? Choosing a frontend technology can be difficult, so we want to share our knowledge to help you make a wise one.

In this article, we will dive deep into the world of React.js, one of the most popular frontend frameworks in the world. Read on to get all the important information about React.js development and learn why you should use it in your next project.

What is React.js? History and Definition in a Nutshell

React.js was originally created in 2011 by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook. It is an open-source JavaScript library commonly used for building user interfaces (UI).

It is important to highlight that the right interface is key to successful interaction between the application and the user. Walke’s main goal was to make the whole process of building the interface easier and simplify the developer’s work.

In the beginning, React was used internally by Facebook only, but it quickly went public. It was officially launched in 2013 and is constantly building its popularity among developers and enterprises.

What makes React.js so unique, and why is it worth using in web application projects? It is secure, fast, and supported by a big community. Learn more about all the benefits of choosing React.js web development and check out what you can build with React.

Where and When Does React.js Development Work?

Since React.js’ release, it has quickly gained popularity. Today, many new products are made with React, and many well-known companies around the world incorporate it.

What kind of solutions are based on this technology? A detailed list of all products made with React.js is available here. You can also find some examples below:

  • SaaS solutions (e.g., Asana)
  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Video platforms (Netflix)
  • E-learning platforms (Udemy)
  • Communicators (Skype)

We use React daily, and we have built successful products by incorporating this technology into our projects. Let’s take a closer look at one of our projects created for JakiKredyt.pl, an advanced platform for generating loan applications.

The scope of our work included designing and creating the whole platform, implementing the admin panel, and building a credit score calculator. We used React.js to build a frontend layout for a multi-application. This technology was very effective and incorporating it into the project resulted in an intuitive and unique user interface.

Another project where we used React.js was Duuoo, a platform supporting employee development. With React.js, you can also quickly build an MVP.

React.js and Its Greatest Advantages

  1. Community support. When choosing a technology for your product, you should pay attention to proven solutions that will ensure safety and stability. React.js is backed by Facebook and the huge community that watches over its development. The popularity of this technology makes sure that it constantly evolves. So far, React.js has remained stable and regularly introduces new features and functionalities.
  2. Time-saving. Implementing projects quickly and delivering them on time is a big advantage, and React undoubtedly helps developers do that. Developers can use the same components at different levels and increase their efficiency.
  3. Minimalist. React is lightweight and easy to download. It allows you to shorten a page’s or web application’s loading time, which brings many advantages and is crucial for UX.
  4. Easy data flow. Another advantage is the one-way data flow in web applications. It reduces the number of errors and helps achieve a high quality of work, ensuring code stability.

You can also put in some effort and make the web application much easier to read by Google bots, making it SEO-friendly. Other advantages of React.js include flexibility and better security.

Is React.js Ready for the Future?

This technology is very popular all over the world, so it has great potential. It is constantly developed thanks to the support of the vibrant community. More and more companies are choosing React.js development, and the more people use it, the faster it grows and the more stable it is.

What does that mean for the organizations that choose React for web development in the near future? It’s hard to predict, but according to the presented facts and benefits, React seems to be a very stable technology.

If you are wondering what technology you should choose for your next project, consider this well-known JavaScript library.

Contact us, and we will advise you on the best solution tailored to your needs.

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