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Elevate your iGaming software with our custom development services
Sports Betting Software
iGaming products
We will develop a digital product tailored to specific industry needs, from sport betting systems to complex online casinos. Our comprehensive services guarantee a seamless gaming experience for both operators and players.
Audit & license
We build systems that adhere to legal regulations, ensuring your platform meets the stringent standards required for MGA, Curacao, or other licensing.
High-level security
We specialize in risk and fraud prevention, offering KYC management, user behavior analysis, and real-time detection of suspicious activities. Your product will come equipped with robust security features.

Online Casino Software

Our team handles every aspect of casino development, from the complete design of the casino frontend to seamless integration with a robust backend system. Whether you’re looking to launch a new online casino platform or enhance an existing one, our team combines innovation, security, and user-centric design to deliver unparalleled gaming experiences.
  • Custom online casino software development

  • Unique front-end casino design

  • Seamless online casino integrations

  • Licensing support

  • End-to-end product development

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Sports Betting Software

We develop a full spectrum of sports betting software that caters to your unique market needs and user preferences.
  • Custom sports betting software development
  • Sportsbet software integrations
  • Pari-mutuel betting software services
  • Online betting software
Our services

iGaming software development

We manage numerous payment provider integrations in multiple environments. Our comprehensive technical background enables us to implement all needed system integrations, including integration with payment providers such as Zimpler, Adyen, Trustly, and Nuvei, and to manage all the payments. Our solutions support a wide range of payment methods, ensuring flexibility and convenience for users while employing advanced encryption and fraud detection technologies to safeguard all transactions.

  • Managing payment systems
  • Integration with payment providers
  • Supporting a wide range of payment methods
  • Advanced encryption and security measures
  • AI-powered fraud detection to protect transactions

We are experienced in identifying all the risks and preventing fraud. We understand the procedures for preventing money laundering and how to monitor transaction analysis, such as identifying payment sources, transaction values, and locking in case of suspicious transactions.

  • Fraud preventing strategy
  • Complex transaction analysis
  • Detecting and blocking suspicious transactions

We implement robust AML systems tailored to the unique needs of your iGaming business. Utilizing AI and machine learning algorithms, we analyze patterns and detect suspicious activities in real-time, significantly reducing the risk of fraud and ensuring compliance with global AML regulations.

  • Real-time detection of suspicious activities
  • AI and machine learning algorithms for pattern analysis
  • Ensuring compliance with global AML regulations

We offer tailored player and KYC management systems to ensure secure and efficient user onboarding and verification processes. Our custom solutions are designed to meet your specific regulatory and operational needs, improving both compliance and user experience. We possess all the essential knowledge to verify users, including politically exposed persons (PEP), and to monitor players’ activity. AI can be utilized to automate verification processes, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

  • Tracking players’ gaming preferences
  • Complex user verification
  • KYC documents verification
  • Tailored to meet specific regulatory requirements
  • Automated verification for improved accuracy
  • Enhancing user experience through efficient onboarding

We create marketing and bonus systems for the players to target specific groups and award prizes. 

  • Dedicated tools for marketing systems
  • Bonus finance management
  • Bonus campaigns

We create comprehensive risk management and back office solutions designed to optimize operations and mitigate risks in your iGaming platform. These custom services include everything from user behavior analysis to financial reporting, leveraging AI to predict and manage potential risks effectively.

  • User behavior analysis for risk prediction
  • Financial reporting and analysis
  • AI-driven insights for effective risk management

We develop seamless integrations between various systems within your iGaming platform, ensuring a cohesive and efficient operation. Our services facilitate integration with third-party services, gaming content, and data analytics tools, enabling a unified platform that enhances user experience and operational efficiency.

  • Seamless integration with third-party services
  • Cohesive platform operation
  • Enhanced user experience and operational efficiency

We succesfully cooporate with clients and partners around the world

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MGA, Curacao (and other) Licensing & Certification

Whether you’re looking for a platform that meets the stringent standards of the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), Curacao, or any other jurisdiction, our team has the skills and experience to create a bespoke solution that aligns with your specific requirements.
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System Access Control Policy Adherence
We offer support in implementing the System Access Control Policy and conducting tests on access rights, controls for remote access connections, and controls for access by third parties.
Periodic Checks
Our services include conducting periodic checks by the IT department. This guarantees that access rights granted to users align with their respective job responsibilities, all in accordance with the System Access Control Policy.
Audit Trails
We ensure the proper maintenance of audit trails and logs, specifically tracking changes made to regulatory databases such as player data, financial data, and game data.
Information Security Policy Adherence
We ensure the safeguarding of data, automatic logoff procedures, data classification, threat management, secure communication, and secure storage of passwords and payment information.
Protection of Equipment
We can help you verifying if hardware, servers, and equipment housing the gaming system are protected from environmental hazards and unauthorized physical access.
Change Management Procedure
To ensure compliance assurance, we evaluate change approvals based on the Change Management Procedure. We also monitor unauthorized changes to Essential Components and promptly notify the MGA of Key Technical Setup and game additions.
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