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How will product workshops enhance the success of your app?


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Comprehensive workshop knowledge
In the e-book you will find all the most important information about the workshop, which will give you a knowledge about the most important stages of the session and the business benefits you can achieve.
Detailed description of each technique
You will learn about techniques such as Event Storming, Value Proposition Canvas and Design Sprint will allow you to understand all application processes and prepare well for development.
Key business benefits
You'll see what you'll gain from the workshops - including how they'll help you optimize costs and put your product into perspective.
Answers to the 10 frequently asked questions
You will have a full list of answers to the questions asked by our clients, such as the cost, the duration of the sessions and how to conduct them.
Description of the materials you will receive after the workshop
After the workshop, you will receive key materials that will allow you to visualize yourself the processes of the application, learn about the project cost estimation, the technology proposal, or the main risks, among other things.
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