Healthcare Solution for Endometriosis Patients
Case Study

Healthcare Solution for Endometriosis Patients

An aspiring entrepreneur from Finland has commissioned our team to start a project of significant importance in the healthcare sector. The focus of this project is to develop a tailored solution for women who are managing endometriosis. Operating under a strict non-disclosure agreement (NDA), our team started creating a prototype application that accurately represents the envisioned product.

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Creating cutting-edge app prototype

The scope of our work included a detailed analysis of clients’ materials, conducting a competitive analysis, and creating the design of a healthcare app prototype.

The main challenge was to develop the most straightforward possible mechanism for marking parts of the body that would allow users to save information about pain points in the app. The second area we worked on was encouraging users to use the app regularly and make frequent updates about pain and activitiesy.


How we helped our client to unlock the potential

At the beginning of our cooperation, we analyzed all materials to deeply understand the client’s vision and build a solution perfectly tailored to his needs and target audience. Then, we organized a kick-off meeting to introduce the team, establish common goals, and ensure we were all on the same table.

The client had a clear vision of the product from the very beginning, so we were able to start working on the application prototype immediately. Before that, our UX/UI designer conducted a competitive analysis.

We have now developed the main mockups according to the client’s requirements. In the course of the work, we focused primarily on an intuitive interface that would encourage users to enter information about their health status and activities on a daily basis.

The final product will include many functionalities, such as a module for daily tracking of symptoms, pain, medications, hormones, activities, etc., as well as background data and 3D images of the whole body for pain tracking. The application will store essential health data and information to help monitor pain and diagnose endometriosis.

Thanks to our work visualizing the idea, our client became convinced that the project could succeed. We are currently working on the subsequent phases, creating other mockups. What’s more, we are in constant contact with the client, and at meetings, we regularly discuss the project’s progress, share feedback, and set directions.


Key Features Delivered

Daily Tracking Module
Enables users to track symptoms, pain, medications, hormones, and activities daily.
Intuitive Interface
Focused on user-friendly design to encourage regular updates on health status and activities.
Background Data Storage
Stores essential health data for comprehensive monitoring of pain and endometriosis diagnosis.
2D Body Imaging
Integrates 2D images of the entire body for precise pain tracking and visualization.
Prototype of the app
Show the exact customer journey, highlighting key touchpoints to ensure interaction with the application.
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