Widziszwszystko – GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Software

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Widziszwszystko — GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Software

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Widziszwszystko.pl is one of the most significant Polish companies on GPS tracking systems market. They provide a vehicle monitoring and management system that allows customers to fully control their fleet. Platform lets to control current drivers activities, track fuel consumption, read digital tachograph data, generate various reports and many more.
+ 22 K
connected vehicles
+ 51 K
generated reports
1 M
handled request per day
+ 500 M
tracked kilometers


Track your fleet simply and effortlessly.

Because the Client wanted to become even more competitive on the market he decided to create their own GPS tracking system. The biggest advantage over previous licensed desktop-based solution was to be available. This means that customers can log in from everywhere: work, homes, airports, hotels, everywhere and using every kind of device: smartphones, tablets and computers.


How we helped WidziszWszystko.pl unlock the potential


Constructed platform was able to tackle all challenges that the customer had been dealing with. Fast delivered high quality MVP let Widziszwszystko.pl company to start their new solution and invite clients to the app. Currently developed application allows users to use variety of features that helps them handle day-to-day business tasks.
95% of users changed desktop-based app to new web-app.
Mobile version of app is used by over 65% of users.
New well-designed platform allowed customer to enter new foreign (German) market.
Intuitive navigation panel is better suited to the needs of nowadays users.

Efficient Components

Key Features Delivered

Real-time vehicles tracking
Tracking vehicles on the map in real-time, option to check the distance, speed, ignition and more.
Integration with governmental system
Integration with Geosent - governmental system with over 5.000.000 requests by now.
Automated and configurable reports
22 different kinds of reports e.g. automated reports, configurable reports, territorial report to track movement between borders, etc.
Planning a route for drivers (Google Maps)
The possibility of planning a route for drivers by forwarders - fully integrated with the visual interface of Google Maps.
Temporary non-logged-in user access
Non-logged-in user access to real-time vehicle tracking by special token.
Permission module for administrators.
Permission module for administrators with numerous features.

Stunning Technologies

PHP / Node.js / Angular / Microservice infrastructure / Docker / JenkinsCI / Atman Cloud / MSSQL

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