Transform Patient Care with AI-Driven Innovations Compliant with DiGA and HIPAA
HIPAA Compliance & DiGA Compliance
Our software adheres to HIPAA and DiGA standards. We implement many security features to protect the data and patients’ protected health information.
Hospital & medical centers
We partner with medical institutions and companies from the MedTech industry to deliver products tailored to their specific needs.
Experienced Team
Our team consists of over 50 professionals who are goal-oriented and build solutions based on battle-tested processes and technologies.
Our products

We build custom solutions for healthcare industry

We develop custom remote patient monitoring systems to enable healthcare providers to monitor patients with acute or chronic conditions from a distance. These systems use advanced AI models from Nvidia for diagnostics and patient observation, ensuring comprehensive health monitoring in the patient’s home.

  • Custom integration for extensive patient health monitoring
  • Compliance with data security and privacy standards
  • Enhanced diagnostics and patient observation with Nvidia’s AI models
  • Real-time patient monitoring
  • Advanced data management

Our team can create tailored telemedicine solutions that facilitate digital transformation in healthcare, offering services remotely. Utilize Med-PaLM for AI-assisted diagnostics and patient consultations, ensuring the software meets specific business needs with real-time communication and advanced data security. We use multiple tools to help you achieve your business goals – we will choose proper communication tools and other custom features your software may require.

  • Real-time video to ensure 2-ways communication
  • Custom telemedicine platform development
  • AI-assisted patient consultations using Med-PaLM
  • Advanced data protection and security measures
  • All necessary integrations with third-party solutions

We build modern, scalable, and secure applications using leading technologies for both iOS and Android. Our services are tailored to your needs, including developing apps for well-being, fitness, mental health, and self-checking, as well as for doctors and health institutions.

  • Incorporate Google Health AI features for disease detection and patient education, ensuring the apps are modern, scalable, and secure for both iOS and Android.
  • Tailored app development for various healthcare needs
  • Disease detection and patient education with Google Health AI
  • Cutting-edge UX & UI design
  • Proven React Native technology

At Blurify, we are committed to developing innovative mental health products with a strong emphasis on human-centered design.These custom solutions support individuals in challenging situations, providing a safe and comforting digital environment without specifying direct AI tool integration.

  • Custom development of apps for patients and healthcare professionals
  • HIPAA-compliant solutions for data security
  • Focus on human-centered design and innovation
  • Digital tools for mental health and well-being

Our software complies with HIPAA and DiGa regulations, and we offer our customers a wide range of solutions including secure mobile apps and digital tools for mental health, well-being, and healthcare professionals. These solutions prioritize privacy, security, and compliance without direct reference to specific AI tools.

  • Development of HIPAA-compliant mobile apps and digital tools
  • Emphasis on privacy, security, and compliance
  • Tailored to specific client needs in healthcare
  • Cross-platform development
  • UX & UI design
  • Maintenance, support, and further development

We offer custom development of EHR software aimed at streamlining clinical workflows and enhancing patient outcomes. By integrating Dragon Medical One, we facilitate efficient voice-to-text documentation, ensuring accuracy and compliance with healthcare standards. Our EHR solutions feature:

  • Custom EHR system development
  • Integration with Dragon Medical One for voice-to-text documentation
  • Secure and compliant patient data management

We develop custom e-prescribing software solutions, enhancing safety for patients and efficiency for providers. These systems are built to integrate seamlessly with existing healthcare platforms, focusing on precision and compliance.

  • Automated medication management and real-time drug interaction checks
  • Secure transmission of prescriptions
  • Custom integration with healthcare systems

We create custom cloud-based scheduling solutions for medical patients and resources, optimizing the delivery of healthcare services. Designed for efficiency and accessibility, our platforms ensure intuitive scheduling and automated reminders.

  • Efficient resource allocation and intuitive scheduling interface
  • Automated appointment reminders
  • Tailored to healthcare service delivery needs
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